Dead Alive is:

Count Scapula - Vocals/Guitar

Manthing - Guitar

Dead Beat - Drums

??? - Bass


Risen out of the dark heart of Nashville, Tennessee – Dead Alive is the metal brainchild of the band’s skeletal corpse paint-wearing frontman, “Count Scapula.” Inspired by the theatrics of performers such as King Diamond, Alice Cooper, Gwar, and The Misfits to name a few – Dead Alive brings a fun and intense performance to the stage.


With a love of all things metal and camp horror, Dead Alive plays a blend of styles including Thrash, Death, Doom, and Black metal – blending them together in a style they like to call Splatter Thrash.


In 2021 they released their debut album, Rise of the Skeleton Army which peaked to No. 51 on Apple’s “Breaking New Metal” Playlist. The album was received well by the metalheads who unearthed it calling it “Unique yet comfortingly familiar,” being compared to bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Skeletonwitch, Black Sabbath, Carcass, and Demolition Hammer.


In 2023 Dead Alive took to the sage to begin their Thrashville takeover of Music City. Performing five shows in that year. Establishing a presence in Music City and online. These efforts caught the attention of Horror Shock Records who invited Dead Alive to be apart of their 40th anniversary compilation album for The Misfit's Earth AD, We Bite, where they provided a cover of "Green Hell". An intense October of Dead Alive content, including the release of a tribute music video for Spooky Scary Skeletons, caught the attention of Erik Thorstenn of the band Bonginator who invited Dead Alive to play at his DIY festival, The New England Death Metal Funtime Bonanza in Maine the following June.


2024 sees Dead Alive recording their sophomore album, The Madness of Dr. Ludvig Von Brainmatter. Recorded with and Mixed by Jeremiah Scott (Destroy Destroy Destroy, Demon Hunter), and Mastered and added composition by Davey Oberlin (All The Damn Vampires) releasing October of 2024. This cinematic Horror Thrash album has been described by early listeners as "Next Level" for the band, "Hard, Heavy, and full of passion."


Dead Alive has a goal in mind – to help cultivate a metal presence in music city and turn Nashville into Thrashville!

Count Scapula

Role: Screaming Skull

Height: 6'1"

Nicknames: "The Count" "The Undead Metalhead" "Skeleton of Darkness"

Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings (Bone-In)

Weakness: Flowers

With Dead Alive 2015 - Present


Role: Guitarthings

Favorite Band: Creed

With Dead Alive 2015-2017; 2021; 2023-present

Dead Beat

Role: Wraith of perpetual blast beats

With Dead Alive October 2023 - Present

Dearly Departed

I'm loving memory of all of the monstrous musicians who have helped Dead Alive become a reality.